What is Fusfoo?

What is Fusfoo? Fusfoo is a bully-free place where students can creatively express themselves through videos, pictures, articles, and stories. It is not just an online school newspaper. Fusfoo is a fun way for high school students to get involved with available activities that they may not otherwise be informed about. It also creates opportunities for students to get an insight on situations outside of school, such as news from other countries. Fusfoo writings can be used as part of college and job applications. 

Posts on a particular school's channel will not be limited to just that school's students. Any student on Fusfoo can read or watch posts from other schools, and repost them to their school's channel. Posts can also be recognized nationally. If an item is reposted, an "R" will appear in the top right corner, and if it is recognized nationally, an "N" will appear.

At East Juniata, our advisor for the East Juniata High School channel is Mrs. Trent. She can tell you anything you want to know about Fusfoo, and give you information on how to get involved.

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