Ephrata AM 10-27-20





Good Morning Ephrata NAMES today is Tuesday October 27. Please rise for a moment of silence and the pledge to the flag.




the gay-straight alliance will not be holding a meeting today. Once again we apologize for the inconvenience. Please stay aware for new information regarding meetings as there will be a few changes occurring regarding meeting schedules.


The school counseling office is holding a contest to look for artwork to feature on the cover of the 2021-2022 Course Selection Guide book.  If you are interested, please download a copy of the information sheet that has been posted to your Schoology newsfeed.  The submission deadline is November 19th, so don’t delay.


In Need of Mountaineer Apparel?

The Mountaineer Gear Store is Now Open!


You can buy Sweatshirts, T-shirts (long and short sleeve), ¼ zip pullovers, and Ephrata Bucket Hats.


The store is located in room 228 and is open Tuesday and Fridays  over all lunch periods.


Get a pass and stop by!


The Keystone Virtual College Exploration runs through the beginning of November!


Visit www.pacac.org/virtual to view the full schedule of panel sessions and individual  information sessions from October 1- November 6. The virtual program is FREE for all students, parents, and counselors throughout Pennsylvania.


Congratulations to Brett Devlin and Bryce Rissler for qualifying for the 2020 PMEA District 7 Choir.


Now over to _________ with the news




In today's news, Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed to the US Supreme Court. President Trumps fellow republicans voted 52-48 to approve the judge. Her appointment seals for the foreseeable future a 6-3 conservative majority on the top US judicial body. Democrats fear Judge Barrett's confirmation to the lifelong post will favour Republicans in politically sensitive cases that reach America's top court for potentially decades to come. Some say that with the new appointing of a judge if Trump wins or loses, he already changed the world.


Now to the juniors with the lunch






yesterday, volleyball was away at Cocalico but we don't have a score. Today, field hockey is at Donegal. Tomorrow, volleyball is home vs Lebanon.


Now back to the main desk



Attention Halloween Costume Challenge Participants,


Contest forms were delivered to teacher mailboxes and should be handed out to the highest bidders today. If you did not receive a paper and placed a bid, please contact Mrs. Socie via Schoology or stop by room 317. If you received a form, this signifies that you were the highest bidder for someone and owe your bid donation to room 317 by this Thursday October 29th. Please contact the participant you will be dressing up immediately and be prepared to bring the costume on FRIDAY, October 30th!  


If you volunteered to dress up this year, but did not receive a bid, this may just be a Halloween blessing in disguise.  You now have the option to dress yourself up by donating $2 to the Four Diamonds Fund!  Just stop by room 317 before this Friday and pick up a costume form.


Thank you to all who have participated and always remember that proceeds from this event go towards the fight against pediatric cancer. FTK!!


Now for Profound Presidential Perceptions from your Future President Marzock


In life, you must always realize that some people are like slinkies.  They don’t really have a purpose but they certainly bring a smile to your face as they tumble down the stairs


I’m off like a dirty shirt,


Marzock 2020


P.S.  may the voting be forever in my favor


Have a great day Ephrata!


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