Ephrata AM 2-20-20





Good Morning Ephrata NAMES today is Thursday Feb 20, Please rise for a moment of silence and the pledge to the flag.




Student 1: (whispers into the mic) marping

Student 2: what did you say?

Student 1: (whispers into the mic louder) marping

Student 2: again… whats that?

Student 1: Mario- LARPING!!!!

Student 2: Mario what?!?!?!?

Student 1: Mario Live action roll playing GEEEEEEZ

Student 2: what does that have to do with anything?

Student 1: Well, at the next pep rally, homeroom teachers and a student partner of their choosing with get to compete in ACTUAL Mario kart racing in the gym!!!! The winning homeroom gets a pizza party with Marzock and video games for the lunch!!!!

Student 2: Really?

Student 1: And Mario party games where we will pull people from the audience to represent their homeroom to win donut parties for their homeroom!!!!

Student 1: Really?

Student 2: Yup, so start figuring out with your homeroom teacher whose representing your homeroom in the next pep rally!!! Remember, you need your homeroom teacher as well as one student to volunteer.  If they won’t, you can’t win!!!

Student 1:  So pay attention to the announcements for the date and time!!!!!


And now for a video from the senior class officers




A fun afternoon filled with sport tournaments, dancing, food, and games all WHILE raising money for kids with cancer? Sounds like a ‘win-win’ to me!!! You can still register for Mini-THON!!!! The date for the 2020 Mini-THON is quickly approaching- February 29th from 2-10 pm! Registration instructions are posted next to the Mini-THON bulletin board as well as the form to bring a guest! The theme this year is jungle. We are WILD about seeing you there!






In today’s news, doctors in London performing a dangerous brain surgery surprisingly woke up their patient in the middle of the operation to have her play the violin. Now, this isn’t because the doctors wanted some good tunes to jam to while they performed the operation, instead they wanted to make sure to no compromise parts of the patient's brain that control the precise hand movements and coordination to play the violin. But here at Ephrata AM, we think they enjoyed the music too.


On this day in history in 1962, American astronaut John Glenn Jr. became the first American to orbit the Earth. Aboard the spacecraft Friendship 7, Glenn made his orbit before getting a mechanical signal that the ship’s heat shield was loose, causing Glenn to have to make an emergency landing. After a fiery descent through the atmosphere, and losing radio contact along the way, he crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, safely. His first words upon stepping off the craft were, “It was hot in there








No sports today





(USE PHOTO) Here are the 2020 Mini-THON shirts!! You can still get one now! Registration is a minimum donation of $35 in order to get you THIS shirt as well as the fun and excitement going at Mini-THON! Congratulations to our winners of the shirt design Arianna Shirk and Hannah Weaver!


Pick on a senior day is coming up! Senior signups will begin on Monday February 24th in the cafeteria during your lunch! Signups will go until Friday March 13th, so sign up before then! Get creative and start thinking of some silly senior costumes!


the Ephrata Mini-THON is holding a ‘Student Faculty Basketball game’ on February 26th at 7PM. During this game, the senior girls and boys will be competing against EHS teachers, faculty, and staff members. NEW THIS YEAR- we will be selling the PA Farm Show milkshakes before and after the game. We will also be having a raffle before the game for adults and students to be able to shoot from half court and gain points for the teachers and students score. We hope to see you all there!


Have a great day Ephrata!



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