Cumberland Valley School Board revises graduation requirements

Cumberland Valley School Board has recently revised the graduation requirements which would give students more ways to earn a diploma.

"When the board decided to take a look at current graduation policy and consider some revisions to that policy there were two primary reasons for that," says Mark Blanchard, Executive Director of Cumberland Valley High School. "Number one was the evalution of the pathway model which was implemented two years ago."

Previously, students were only required to pass end-of-course Keystone Exams in algebra, literature, and biology to meet the graduation requirements. Now the school board is providing more options to those who do not.

New guidelines were released by the department of education regarding the keystone exam requirements that the school district must make a change on.

"Students not only have to take the exam but they have to achieve a certain composite score between all three exams. And if you don't achieve that score, then there are some different alternative pathways that you must take instead of recommend to take."

Other exams such as the SAT and ASVAB testing will be available for students, as well as a workforce class provided by Harrisburg University. Once the official revisions have been set in place, an email will be sent to parents as well as listed on within the upcoming weeks.

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