Eagle Emporium On-The-Spot

Mechanicsburg, Pa (CVTV) - Eagle Emporium is where you can purchase the latest in "CV Swag" at Cumberland Valley High School.

"Here in the Student Store we sell food and we sell student merchandise," says one staff member. "We go around the store. We restock everything and make sure everything flows the way it needs to." 

"We sell anything from clothing to shirts and jackets & sweatshirts to even food or school supplies, anything really that a student would need," says another staff member. "If you're hungry during the day, come down, get something really cheap, or if you need a folder or anything like that, there is a lot."

Customer Service is key here at Eagle Emporium, such as treating customers very well and making sure they have an easy shopping experience.

Eagle Emporium is open during Resource and all lunch periods. Make sure you stop by, or visit their online store at eagleemporium.cvschools.org.

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