Cowardice and Tragedy

These are two short poems that I think go together. They were both written after reading a book or story that made me feel such strong emotions I wouldn’t normally feel that I had to attempt to capture them in the best way I could. However good that is. Those emotions: cowardice and tragedy.


Cages sought to destroy,

Weaken at the rims.

Ploys meant for men

Shade into a curtain.


They lift up a smell...

The cages whimper, crashing

From weight of endless


Never made.

Never used.

Only hidden

In the shadows of their caves.



Heartless tears come soaring,

Midnight spaces out of sight.

Let blight stare from nowhere

And where

accusations find their sources.


But life presents moments

Like droplets on a frosted pine

Pining after roses...

Before and after

The clamp.

     the sound of croaking out of sight.

If I were to describe myself in three words, I'd say, "tennis, writing, reading." I obsess over almost anything I watch or read, and I do both plenty. My favorite books are Harry Potter, anything by Rick Riordan, Red Queen, The Goose Girl, Snow Like Ashes, and Wings. My other favorites are dark chocolate, creme brulee, and movie night sleepovers. I'm stubborn, but easygoing. I'm a leader, but a follower. I also kind of maybe love opposites:)

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