Time to Enjoy Spring Once Again - Now More Than Ever

It's been over a year since the coronavirus plagued the world, and this massive pandemic has still been invading everyone's lives and minds. It's been a harsh winter with daily cases rising and brutal weather forcing us indoors (an environment that the virus thrives in), but now we can take a breath because the spring season has finally begun. It’s that time of the year again when flowers bloom, the animals come out of hibernation, and the weather is at peak temperature. No longer do we have to be cooped up indoors with only our laptop and phone screens to entertain us- instead we can ride our bikes, go on picnics, and play some leisurely sports. 

Below is a photo gallery of a few different areas across my hometown, Stroudsburg. I encourage everyone to visit some nature trails around their towns during this beautiful season to enjoy the outdoors and see what spring has felt like so far. I think a breath of fresh air is what we all really need right now!

Just a young photographer trying to view the world from all angles.

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