Take A Break.

Time passes as you 

Can tell

That only the true hearts

Know how close to peace

You’ll never be.

You search for answers

With every breathe -


But not today.

Dark rocks are tiptoeing

Over one another.

They dripple down in size, as if necessary

To be stable.

Featuring the moral -

Not today.


The sister groves seek deep,

And head born aches

Grow strong.

The deeper storm swatches all the terror



Life crosses away and welters

As you stare and think

But truly only you know

What is worth it and what is not.

If I were to describe myself in three words, I'd say, "tennis, writing, reading." I obsess over almost anything I watch or read, and I do both plenty. My favorite books are Harry Potter, anything by Rick Riordan, Red Queen, The Goose Girl, Snow Like Ashes, and Wings. My other favorites are dark chocolate, creme brulee, and movie night sleepovers. I'm stubborn, but easygoing. I'm a leader, but a follower. I also kind of maybe love opposites:)

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