Ephrata AM 1-21-20





Good Morning Ephrata NAMES today is Tuesday Jan 21, the first day of the second semester, Please rise for a moment of silence and the pledge to the flag.




Students will receive  final second semester schedules this morning in homeroom and these schedules will begin today, Tuesday January 21st  Please be aware that the counseling office will only make schedule changes today for the following reasons:

    Missing a required course

    Failure of a required 1st semester class that needs to be made up second semester

If you do not have one of the previous situations, you must report to the class listed on your schedule.  All students are reminded to work hard and finish the school year out on a positive note.


(USE PHOTO IN PPT!) Congratulations go out to 12th grader Jazmyn Spangler for her artwork submission for the 2020-21 Educational Planning and Course Selection guide book.  Her design will be featured on the cover of next year’s booklet.  Special thanks to all of the students who submitted entries and congratulations again to Jazmyn.


The epic blood drive is Friday, February 13th. The sign ups start Tuesday, January 21st and go through to Monday, February 10th. You can sign up during lunches. Be sure to come show your love for the local leeches the day before Valentine’s Day!






In today’s news, a new coronavirus has been broken out in China, causing deaths and economic downturn. Not much is known about the virus just yet, except that many of its symptoms are similar to pneumonia. The World Health Organization will convene an Emergency Committee on Wednesday to discuss if the virus is a global health threat or not.

On this day in history in 1793, King Louis XVI was executed during the French Revolution. By this time in the Revolution, the French monarchy had been abolished, but the King was discovered to be conspiring with Austria and others to enact counter-revolutionary measures. After being convicted of treason, he was sent to the guillotine. -----------------







Friday, boys basketball lost 50-64 at E town. Lyle Kopp led the way for the Mounts with 15 pts. Girls basketball won at home vs E town 56-45. Gabble Gerola Hill added 21 pts for the lady Mounts and went 4 for 4 on free throws. Yesterday, girls basketball lost to Spring Grove 68-51. Jasmine Griffin led the Mounts with 22 pts.

today, bowling faces CV, boys basketball is away at Lebanon, girls basketball is home vs Lebanon, and rifle is away at Wilson.




Attention all Ephrata Students:

We are changing things up this year!

For our kickoff assembly for our Mini-THON this year we are having a ‘Two part’ event. During Mountaineer Block on January 29th we will be holding an assembly for all students in which the boys will be doing a group dance.

Later that evening, we will be holding a ‘Diamonds in the Rough’ event showcasing all of their individual talents. (To see these talents you must come to the event in the evening.   We will not be showing these during the school assembly) This event will be from 6-8 pm in the High School Auditorium. The suggested minimum donation fee is $5 for students and $8 for adults.

Come out for a fun filled night to see who will be crowned King? From 1/21 to 1/27 you can raise money for each individual by putting money in their bins during your lunch which will go toward their grand total and help them compete to be the top fundraiser.


Have a great day Ephrata!

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