Three Steps

Icy forest greens shape

My face

For the day.

Let me lie

In soft crowns of thorns.

Spiders sway sightly

after me.


Through trembling woods

Darkened and heartened.

Speed so soft

And wander, creeping

Into moist cramped caves

Let me forage

    As timber

For the day.

If I were to describe myself in three words, I'd say, "tennis, writing, reading." I obsess over almost anything I watch or read, and I do both plenty. My favorite books are Harry Potter, anything by Rick Riordan, Red Queen, The Goose Girl, Snow Like Ashes, and Wings. My other favorites are dark chocolate, creme brulee, and movie night sleepovers. I'm stubborn, but easygoing. I'm a leader, but a follower. I also kind of maybe love opposites:)

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