The Benefits of Having an Afterschool Job.

After school jobs are often something our parents make us get. They say it is to “give us discipline”, “teach us responsibility”, or “help us save money”. These reasons seem like excuses to get us out of the house, a babysitting service for teens 15 and up. The only jobs available are fast food or grocery stores that either give you too many hours or not enough. The only perk we see is the little money we are earning, but despite these cliches after school jobs do have a lot of benefits. Although the excuses sound stupid they are true and beneficial. Jobs do give your life more of a schedule and discipline. They expose you to an environment different than school. Once you get a job and begin to earn your own money, you learn the amount of work that goes into making money and get a sense of how much money is really worth. 

It is argued that these benefits are still present in students who have summer jobs. Students should focus on school and learn these traits from their parents instead of experience. This is true for some teens,  summer jobs will sometimes suit better, however in my experience working throughout the year gives me structure and responsibility I wouldn’t have only attending school. Having a year round job in high school prepares you for the future. Most college students need part time jobs during school, already having this experience, you can juggle work and school successfully. Even for those that don’t have jobs in college, many earn further degrees while working a job in their field, which leads me into my next point, it forces you to learn how to manage a busy schedule, and help you to manage your time. A common misconception about after school jobs is that they drain you of your free time, but it truly teaches you how to maximize your time. You waste less time because you have less time to waste. 

Jobs give you a new experience and teach you things that school can not. They can improve many things in your life and teach you many lessons. With all of this being said, having a job in high school is a very positive thing but it is imperative to remember that regardless of whether you have a job now or are looking for one, work should never become the main focus in your life. As high school students, our main job is to go to school. Jobs do benefit us in many ways but these benefits will never outweigh those we take away from school. With a balance between school and work, you too can find a job that will benefit you.

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