“The Silent Wordslinger” by Gabriel Howard

I am a wordslinger. Not to be mistaken for a gunslinger of the Wild West, who wields weapons of destruction like revolvers and rifles. A wordslinger is one who wields words to his or her advantage to do honorable - or dishonorable - acts in our lives.

Yet, today, there will be no words. But by using no words, we wield the greatest power of all.


I speak everyday to spread messages across my school. Whether on the announcements, in the hallways, a smile follows me as I spread my kindness and news to several people who are willing to listen. But today, it is time where the words will cease, and silence will spread, but our voices will be louder; our voices will have more impact.

I know what it was like, to be bullied and mentally abused to the point of no return. But we stand strong. We stand together. Bullying will die, and racism will become a thing of the past. Whether you are participating in the Day of Silence today, or whether you are an onlooker, remember our message.

Remember why we are doing this.

This is the time to end this travesty called bullying and suicide.


In honor of Day of Silence on April 12th, 2019.

Greetings and salutations! My name is Gabriel Howard, and I am a senior in Stroudsburg High School. I’m probably the most extravagant and outgoing person you will ever meet, and I am SUPER excited to be apart Fusfoo! I am a writer at heart, so I hope to bring in stories that could really entertain or inform you! :)

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