Are you bored and don't have major plans on Friday or Saturday? Then come and see the art show!

Stroudsburg is having its 41st annual art show. Come and see some artistic talent from grades Kindergarten- 12th grade featuring portraits, sculptures, paintings, figures, photographs, and more! You might even walk pass by an artist to talk to and see their work with pride as well as art teachers going willing to answer any questions.

It will happen through April 12th 6-7 PM and April 13th 4-7 PM 2019 in the high school cafeteria. There is no cost to go to this event on Friday or Saturday.

Hello and welcome to my profile! The name's Nicole and I currently go to SHS as a junior. I like to engage to my main hobbies like art, photography, writing, and reading! I'm glad to now be a part of Fusfoo and excited to post events and topics worth sharing! :)

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