Every year, Four Diamonds fund holds a charity event called Mini-Thon and many schools such as Stroudsburg do it.  Last year alone, Mini-Thon in Stroudsburg high school raised $94,102.74.

This years Mini-Thon event in Stroudsburg is on April 26-27 at 8 PM-8 AM so it will be a whole night full of partying, games, food, singing, music and more! There is not much time to register so be sure to hurry up if you want to participate! The $10 fee covers your meals and t-shirt costs. There will be events that people voted for such as Mr. Batt playing the guitar, Mr. Hakim getting Acrylic nails, Mr.Klenie & Balas putting glitter on their beards, and Mrs. Hakim doing a full face of facial hair.

Mini-Thon is a annual fundraiser hosted by PennState Health Children's Hospital to help spread and donate awareness to child pediatric cancer as a nonprofit organization. It was created by Charles and Irma Millard in 1972 after their son Christopher was diagnosed with cancer. The 4 diamonds in their logo came from a story their son wrote about a knight who sought out the four diamonds of courage, wisdom, honesty and strength. These diamonds symbolized the attributes that Christopher's family believed were necessary to overcome cancer.

You can show your support by donating at the donor drive for at least $50 and buy merch such like pins, shirts, bags, keychains, socks, and more!

My Four Diamonds page: https://fourdiamonds.donordriv...

Mini-Thon trailer: 

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