Claire Graham Organizes Climate Comeback Rally

This year, the Climate Comeback Rally was organized in hopes to save the future and to hold representatives accountable for climate change. The rally was held at the Oregon State Capitol, March 2nd, and around 35 people attended

Claire Graham ‘22 is a member of the Progressive Activism Club at South and is the organizer for the rally. This rally was organized in hopes to bring attention to the damage we are doing to the earth. Graham had 10 speakers come give speeches to educate the rally attendees on climate change and how to become Eco-friendly.

“ I was fed up with legislators put in there and donors over their planet and future generations. I really want to hold representatives accountable on both a local and federal level, and community organizing is a huge passion of mine so,  I realize this is my role in the movement, as an organizer,” Graham ‘22 said.

Graham believes that people need to start acting as soon as possible because climate change has already had a big effect on the earth.

“ I think we should pass laws that limit the use of carbon to encourage a transition to a more environmentally friendly earth. We should change our agricultural system,” Emma Babson ‘19 said.  

In hopes to save the earth Graham has launched a challenge called “The Climate Comeback Challenge,” which was created to encourage people to become active in climate activism. It’s a point system challenge where participants log the actions they have taken around their communities.

People can help save the earth in many ways. They can contact your legislators, attend rally’s, or work to reduce their carbon footprint. Participating in these type of events can help people become Eco-friendly in hopes to save the earth from the effects of global warming.

Global warming is a long-term rise in the temperature of the earth’s climate system, which can be very dangerous and impact the future of many citizens.  It can cause a lot of destruction with a lot of drastic weather changes, animal extinctions, rising sea levels and other negative impacts.

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