Juniata Joins the Apple Family

Juniata High School has taken a large step in technological development this October. The Juniata County School District purchased iPads to give to students and faculty to assist them in academics. Although there was some delay, the distribution was a success. We spoke with a few teachers to see what their perspectives were, and to see how they planned to use the iPads. Mrs. Hackenberg has already used Khan Academy and Nearpod in her math classes. She said, "The IPads are making learning math interactive." Mrs. Cook has used Socrative and the QR Reader app to do history worksheets. She also just completed a project that had students create memes about the French Revolution. She said, "The iPads were definitely useful when making dank memes." Kahoot has been an app that many students are familiar with.  It has been used as a great review for quizzes. Mr. Trotman was quoted as saying, "Kahoot is a great way for teachers to get immediate feedback on student knowledge, plus students love the competition that the game fosters." However, Kahoot and Socrative are only the tip of the iceberg. As the school year progresses, the iPads will be used more frequently and become a more important part of education for Juniata students. With multimedia apps, like iMovie and Skitch available to all students and teachers, more complex, and creative uses for these new devices are sure to emerge. "The Cloud" is the limit. 

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