Bird Box Review

If you’ve been on Netflix in the past two months, you’ve probably seen the promotions for their new movie, Bird Box. If you haven’t watched it, I would highly recommend. At first, I had no interest in watching, I just really liked the memes! Then my friends and I decided to watch it at two a.m. on New Year’s Day (wouldn’t recommend, you might want it to be daylight out.) Bird Box is a film set in the present day, starring Sandra Bullock. It begins with a news briefing on an epidemic in Europe and Asia, which is expected to hit the U.S. Bullock’s character is on her way home from a doctor’s appointment as the epidemic begins to consume the U.S. The problem is that once you contract the virus, it makes you want to hurt yourself, but you can protect yourself by shielding your eyes. She realizes this, and takes refuge in the home of others hiding out from the chaos. After the house becomes compromised, she takes two children, Boy and Girl, to a secluded location in the woods, because there is a refuge there. Do they make it? Watch and find out!

I actually found Bird Box interesting in that the timeline opens on the present day, but you don’t quite know the story. Then, they have flashbacks to when the epidemic occurred, and the plot is immediately laid out and things make much more sense, while heightening the intensity at the same time. If you like low key horror movies, this would definitely be something for you.

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