“Most Simple Moments” a Poem

I wrote this poem about the moments where we lose ourselves in the simplest things, even for just a second. Anything can be simple from the right perespective, just like anything can be a tangled web of complicated from another.

The crackling candle light

Fills the room

With enchanting caramel shadows

And shines like a dazzling pumpkin

Alone in the woods

At midnight

The small fire breaks through darkness

In a pillar

Of the purest amber cream.

The forest fired cottage

Streamed with dreaming beams


Sunburnt sawdust

Wafting through open air

Before re-settling

On the place it desires.

The whirring of constant life,



and repetitive motions

I almost forget

Like blue lost from fire

The moment of wonder

That I desired.

If I were to describe myself in three words, I'd say, "tennis, writing, reading." I obsess over almost anything I watch or read, and I do both plenty. My favorite books are Harry Potter, anything by Rick Riordan, Red Queen, The Goose Girl, Snow Like Ashes, and Wings. My other favorites are dark chocolate, creme brulee, and movie night sleepovers. I'm stubborn, but easygoing. I'm a leader, but a follower. I also kind of maybe love opposites:)

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