Catapult Physics

The two East Juniata physics classes are making catapults to end the the second marking period. The students have been given popsicle sticks, cardboard, rubber bands, and hot glue to create these mini contraptions. However, the list doesn’t end there. A student has even brought in a mousetrap to use for his basic structure, and it is working great. This assignment includes the knowledge we have gained from our physics class until now, and it brings out the student’s engineering skills and intelligence.

Once the catapults are finished, testing day comes. Each of the catapults will be tested in how far, high, and accurate the ping pong ball is launched. They will also be weighed to make sure it doesn’t go over the weight limit which is 300 grams. For the most amount of points, the ball must be launched over 5 meters in length, it must be able to make it over 6 steps in height, and it must land on a 1 meter square 3 meters away for accuracy.

Stakes are high and the students are ready to bring their opponent’s catapult to shame. Many of the students are making small changes to their masterpieces every so often to make sure they perform to the best of their abilities. The catapults have gone through practice test after practice test to prepare for the big test on January 24. Good luck students, and may the best catapult win! 

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