East Juniata Girls BB vs. Greenwood Whiteout Game

On January 14, 2019 the East Juniata Girls Basketball team took on Greenwood for a regular scheduled league game. The thing that made this cold, Monday night extra was that it was a home game, and it was a whiteout for all the fans. Everyone was talking about it in school that day, the whole boys basketball team was going and many other students were going to cheer on the girls team.

The game started out fairly slow, but that didn’t seem to affect the student section one bit. They made all the noise they possibly could. The cheerleaders had given giant megaphones to the section, which helped make a lot of the noise. Everyone joined in on the chants and noises that echoed from the crowd. One thing to know about EJ whiteout games is that the student section goes all out, just like any student section should. Everything was going smooth until the megaphones were taken from the student section without an explanation. Instead of being mad everyone just cheered louder and proved they didn’t need them. Sadly, after all the cheering the student section still couldn’t lift the EJ girls team to the win vs. Greenwood, but the girls still played well and fought hard.

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