Prom is Coming!

It is that time of year when girls go insane just because of the excitement they are feeling because prom is less than four months away. Girls are begging their moms to take them dress shopping. Girls are biting their nails hoping that they pick the right dress. They hope and pray that everyone else likes their dress as well. They stress about the weather and where they are going to get their pictures taken at. If it’s raining they have to go to a studio or to someone’s house where it’s big and fancy and is the perfect background for their prom 2019 pictures. If it’s too sunny they have to find the perfect spot with the perfect amount of shade. Girls freak about about everything when it comes to prom, but the one thing they freak out about the most is who are they going to go with?

While girls freak out about everything, guys, not so much. Some guys don’t even care if they go or not. Prom is not as big of a hit when it comes to guys as it is when it comes to girls. However, although guys tend to not be as excited, prom is still very exciting for everyone; for the attendants, for parents, for teachers, even for friends and younger students who go to the school but are not able to go to prom. 

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