Wintery Weather

This past weekend we had some very snowy, cold, and wintry weather. It all started on Saturday afternoon. At first the snow was light, but it wasn’t too long before it started picking up and collecting on the ground. The roads quickly got bad, and traveling was pretty dangerous. Juniata County was on the line showing the snowfall predictions, but we ended up getting about seven or eight inches. As the snow fell, the temperature also starting dropping. 

In the middle of the night, the snow turned into rain. It wasn’t too pleasant outside because it was very cold, windy and icy. The temperature kept dropping throughout Sunday and Monday. It got right around 0 degrees. With the wind chill it was so cold that school was canceled on Monday and there was a two-hour delay on Tuesday.  Luckily, it is supposed warm up in the following days so being outdoors will be a bit more tolerable. The winter sure can bring some cold, snowy, and dreadful weather. 

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