POD/Econ Court Case Project

In Mr. Cameron’s POD/Econ class, his students were assigned a court case that they would have to read thoroughly and answer in depth questions.  The students were given some freedom with the project when Mr. Cameron allowed each student to pick their own court case to analyze that appealed to their own interests. The class had two days in class to work on the project, having the opportunity to ask any questions about the court case. After reading through the court case, seven topics needed to be answered following the read through. The topics included the facts, the procedures, the issues, the holdings, the reasoning, the concurring/dissenting opinions,  and the justices on the case. To receive full credit for the project, the student must answer each topic in full and to the best of their ability. Once the project is completed, it is to be submitted to Mr. Cameron. In the upcoming week, the students will present their court cases to the class answering the seven topics and will be graded on their presentation as well. Mr. Cameron’s POD/Econ class is being taught in a way that is useful, but yet fun for the students when incorporating different projects. 

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