Staff Changes for 2018-2019 School Year

Juniata County School District has made a few changes this 2018-2019 school year regarding the staff. The students were forced to say goodbye to some of their teachers. Mr. Gunkle, a former history teacher, is now teaching at MiddWest. Mr. Reinhold, a former math teacher, is currently deployed but holds a position at Juniata. Mrs. Croissette, a former English teacher, is now teaching at Mifflin County. With teachers leaving, the students also had the privilege of welcoming a few new teachers into the building. Mr. Cook is the newest addition to the history department. Mrs. Hackenberg is currently our new math teacher. Mrs. Lightner, who was originally in the learning support rooms, has graciously taken over the English teaching spot.

Along with teaching positions, most of the administration has been flipped around. Mr. Fausey, former principal of East Juniata, is now the principal of Juniata. Mr. Mitchell, former principal at Lack and Tuscarora Valley, is now the principal at Juniata Elementary. Mrs. Ricedorf, former assistant principal of Tuscarora, is currently the principal at East Juniata Elementary. Mr. Kinzer, former assistant principal of Juniata, is now an assistant principal to all of the secondary schools. Mrs. Varner, former assistant principal of East Juniata, is now the principal of East Juniata. Mrs. Holderman, former principal at Fermanagh, is now the director of elementary education. Mr. Apple, former principal at Juniata, is now the supervisor of high school education.

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