Coaches vs. Cancer

On Friday, January 4th the East Juniata Girls basketball team faced Juniata for their annual Coaches vs. Cancer game.  I play on the East Juniata girls varsity team and nothing was cooler than experiencing the thrill of the night. So many people came to support both teams. The gym was fuller than I ever could remember for a game. Both East Juniata and Juniata had huge rowdy crowds there to support them. The display of school spirit and support from the community was great. Almost everyone in the gym was wearing white because this year’s theme was a whiteout. It was such a cool experience to play in front of so many fans cheering for the teams. 

The great thing about the game is that everyone was there not only supporting the two teams, but also a good cause: The American Cancer Society. In one night, $1,100 was raised and donated to the local chapter of The American Cancer Society. Both teams warmed-up in white Coaches vs. Cancer shirts. The game was very hard-fought and in the end East Juniata won. East Juniata girls had their first basketball victory  over Juniata in 9 years. All in all the night was very fun and supported a good cause. 

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