Deadly Ernest!

This year TAG! jumped right in to a new play that we have yet to do. This play is called Deadly Ernest. With Juniors having the lead roles and many other people helping out, this play is one of the best we have done yet! There are so many twists, and turns, plot twists, breakups, and even a hit man.

The main character, Henry Gilcrest, well his life wasn’t going the best. All in one day his girlfriend broke up with him, he got fired from his job, and to top it all off he gets kicked out of his home. He was roaming up and down the streets and ran into a homeless man who convinces him to give all his money, $17.83, to get himself exterminated. Henry goes home and his life does a complete flip, then all is well again. However, Henry remembers that he paid someone to kill him. This leads to a crazy adventure of Henry trying to stay alive, and avoiding the person that is after him.

The play came to an end and was attended by many people that said many good things about it. So many laughs both on stage and off. The play was fun for everyone, both the actors and the audience.

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