EJ Boys First Varsity Basketball Game vs. Juniata

     On January 7, the East Juniata Boys Varsity Basketball Team played their first game against their BIGGEST rival, Juniata, at Juniata High School. The record for EJ, before the game, was 6-3. The boys had a ton of support from the EJ student and fan section during the game! Everyone from EJ showed great spirit and helped to support the team!

     The starting lineup for the game was: Tanner Martin, Evan Reichenbach, Wayne Dressler, Andrew Hunter, and Xavier Clement. The boys fought hard during the first period, however, Juniata had a 5-6 lead. Juniata had the upper hand during most of the game with lead scorers Bryson Clark and Tyler Gomez. The fourth period was the most intense as EJ trailed with one point and eventually got the lead. However, EJ lost the lead and lost the game 56-58. All of the boys played great! The score report is as follows: Bryce Martin - 4 points, Andrew Hunter - 4 points, Wayne Dressler - 16 points, Xavier Clement - 17 points, Logan Wagner - 3 points, Evan Reichenbach - 12 points, and Tanner Martin - 2 points. Good luck at your next game boys!

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