Flicks and Friends

On November 25th, my friends and I scheduled a photoshoot with a JHS student photographer, Carli Walters. It was such a fun experience because we were walking all through Mifflintown just taking really goofy pictures. Carli was also such a good photographer because she’d let us choose exactly what poses we wanted and locations. She also had really interesting  ideas of her own that made our pictures look really cool and unique. 

It’s always good to help small business in your county become known. Carli is such a talented photographer and definitely deserves the credit I’m giving her. We all need to realize how important it is to help each other become successful. On top of that, I had a really fun afternoon with some of my best friends, and we were able to show others how much fun we had through the pictures Carli did such a good job on. 

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