Holidays at the Mansion in Mount Hope

The gifted students of East Juanita’s High School just went to see Holidays at the Mansion in Mount Hope. In this performance, the town of Mount Hope, many years ago, helped Santa Claus to fix his sleigh. In return, Santa grants them the gift of Christmas spirit. Every 30 years, the town reappears to the world for Christmas, and one year for Mount Hope is 30 years for the rest of the world.

The historian Finneus Crumb (played by Jeff Wolfthal) suggests that the characters perform “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Rebecca Flaversham (played by Katie Maiello) is conflicted when she is chosen to play Scrooge. Rebecca’s husband, Samuel, is chosen to play Bob Cratchit, while the mayor, Clark Bailey (played by Josh Kachnycz), Clark’s wife Louise (played by Jessi Miller), and local candymaker Adorabelle Wilbur (played by Haley Karlson), play the other characters.

Carolers also sing traditional carols like “Deck the Halls”, “Angels He Have Heard on High”, and others, sung by Ian Agnew, Andy Dennison, Josh Baldwin, Jordan Bell, Courtney Calato, and Megan Jones. WIth these characters, Mount Hope manages to tell a classic in a humorous manner while still keeping its morals about the true meaning of Christmas.

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