Poe Evermore At the PA Ren Faire

The gifted students of East Juniata High School have recently gone to see Mount Hope’s performance of “Poe Evermore.” The amazing actors and actresses of Mount Hope made the theme and stories come to life. It is set four years after the death of Edgar Allan Poe. Miss Elizabeth (Lizzie) Doten, (played by Sarah Palm) a medium has agreed to try to bring back the spirit of Poe for the Sagacious Order of Ravens. Though many of the group is mysteriously missing, co-founders Mr. Julius Bird (played by Andy Dennison) and Miss Eleonora Duval (played by Jordan Bell) are enthusiastic about the seance.

Finally, Poe (played by Josh Kachnycz) comes back as a spirit, well prepared to share some of his stories and poems. With the help of the other characters, Poe performs the chilling tales of “Hopfrog” and “Oblong Box.” Finally, the spirit ends with an engaging rendition of two of his most well known works; “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee”, before disappearing with barely a word of farewell.

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