State Officers Visit East Juniata

         On Friday December the seventh the FFA state officers came to East Juniata for the annual officer visit. Jacob Kinzer a former graduate of East Juniata and Sam Loy a graduate from Greenwood came for the entire day to meet with the East Juniata FFA chapter. Jacob Kinzer who now holds the position of state Vice President met with his former classmates and did exercises to help build knowledge and trust among members. Sam Loy the state reporter worked with Jake to encourage members to become more involved in FFA. Both Jake and Sam work as a team and go to almost every high school in the state with an FFA chapter. Jacob Kinzer was the first ever state officer to come out of East Juniata and we are all extremely proud of him. State officers visiting chapters encourages productivity.

        The FFA encourages its members to become active in the community. These visits help younger members aspire to be state officers. This involvement with agricultural companies also gives kids opportunities for future careers in Ag. The Ag extension program through Penn State. During the visit the officers blindfolded members and had others guide them through a maze. This builds trust and helps us learn how to guide people. These activities help build strength and trust in each other.

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