Travel with Fusfoo: Dominican Republic

Do you have some free time with you, want to relax, have the money, and want to get away from the freezing cold weather? THEN COME VISIT THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! Located in the Caribbean next to Haiti on the island of Hispaniola, this sunny country is known for it's beaches, golfing, and resorts. The DR has many beautiful beaches with white sand, sail boats, and going scuba diving in the oceans near the beaches are also great since you get to see all the marine life including fish, sharks, and sting rays! The year-round golf courses are also major attractions with a huge range of courses to choose from and it having the tallest mountain peak in the Caribbean; Pico Duarte.

Although it is a mostly Spanish speaking country, many of the locals speak English so there shouldn't be too much of a language barrier. I spent time in the more tourist popular areas like Santo Domingo, La Romana, and Punta Cana where I was lucky enough to experience all the glory in one of the V.I.P resorts they had to offer like the food, snorkeling, nightlife, beach, swimming, whale watching, hiking, music, and the culture. However you may want to be careful about visiting the more shady areas like Boca Chica where your could get scams, petty theft or drinking the tap water as it is unsafe to drink since it is contaminated and contains stuff like chemicals, microbes, lead, bacteria, and protozoa.

Overall, I definitely would recommend the Dominican Republic if you want to go somewhere in the Caribbean and spend some time in a tropical place.

Hello and welcome to my profile! The name's Nicole and I currently go to SHS as a junior. I like to engage to my main hobbies like art, photography, writing, and reading! I'm glad to now be a part of Fusfoo and excited to post events and topics worth sharing! :)

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