​What It Takes To Become A Hero - "My Hero Academia" Anime Series

Whether born growing up with 90s cartoons, or viewing new cartoons being produced today, there has always been that one genre selected for a very defined group of people - anime. Anime, or cartoons being produced over in Japan, has been on the surge in North America and in the West, and one show has stood out among the rest - My Hero Academia.

Now, going into this show, I was completely blind minus some hype and memes surrounding the third season. I didn't know what it was about; I went into it on my own without anyone persuading me to watch it. The premise of the show intrigued me - a show about superheroes in high school? Well, the show might as well be called "Anime X-Men"! That's what I thought at first…

But as you sink your teeth in, "My Hero Academia" becomes so much more than what you think it is. It's a fantastic time from start to finish, and definitely an anime you want to sink your teeth into, especially if you haven't given anime a shot yet.

Unlike my other stories, I will try and keep the description to a minimum and keep this article spoiler-free.

The show starts off by telling us about the world young Izuku Midoryia lives in - a world where everyone in the world utilizes a "Quirk", another term to call a superpower, and it could range from things like creating fire and ice, to having a bird head or something along that caliber. As a result, superheroes and supervillains soon to pop up all over the globe, and anyone can become one - or the other - as long as they have a Quirk.

The funny thing is that society actually rejects people who DON'T have Quirks, considering how almost 85% of the entire world has some sort of power. Unfortunately, Izuku is within that small populous of people, and becomes a victim of bullying with almost no hope of being a hero like his childhood icon, "All-Might".

One day, however, he soon runs into All-Might after being abducted by a villain, and soon learns a horrible secret - All-Might, the world's "Symbol of Peace" and the Number One Hero, is on the verge of retirement because of his power weakening. He doesn't think of Izuku as anything at first, but soon after seeing Izuku's personality as a hero at heart, he enlightens the boy of his Quirk - "One For All", a Quirk that can be passed down from person-to-person that gives them unprecedented strength. From then on, Izuku enrolls into the school All-Might attended school - UA High, a high school that trains people who want to become heroes. With All-Might as his mentor, Izuku yearns to control his power and be just like the hero who inspired him.

Again, a simple concept that is very easy to grasp; surprisingly, there are many layers and explanations about this superhuman society. It's alluring, because you want to learn the Quirks of others and how they deal with villains and such. It also helps that the main characters in "My Hero Academia" are very relatable or interesting protagonists, especially when it comes to Izuku, All-Might, and his classmates.

Though not all of them get enough time in the sun, every single student in Izuku's "Class 1-A" are recognized to great extent. Some are more important than others, but you can learn so much just from the show alone, and you can always find out supplementary material if you read the manga version as well. It also helps that the Quirks these kids have, too, are a spectacle to look at.

Plot arcs are comprised of three to four episodes at most, and filler episodes are kept to a minimum. There are so many impactful scenes, with humorous ones as well to balance them out. The show is, primarily, about the kids in UA High to adapt and learn their Quirks, while also dealing with menaces of societies, such as villains. Some of them aren't all that big or menacing, but when they pull out the big-time villains, you WANT to see the heroes beat them because of how much destruction and death they cause to others. You also grow attached a large number of heroes because of their backstories, and you feel a bond with numerous students of UA High and even some adult heroes.

I think that's the best way to describe "My Hero" - it's a series that you want to see heroes and villains clash, good versus evil, and you care about these characters because you learn of their struggles, fears, and insecurities. Even people who treat Izuku like the scum of the earth have deep insecurities as seasons go on, and though the first season starts out slow, the more you sink your time into the show, the more you would like it.

I wholeheartedly recommend "My Hero Academia" for fans of superheroes, anime, and who want a good time in general. Invite some friends and watch the show, too; with the most recent movie being released into theaters, and a fourth season on the way, there's no better time to get invested in the show than now!

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