East Juniata Boys Soccer Season Turn Out

The East Juniata Boys Soccer had many struggles leading into the season. They had to trust a new coach coming on to the team. With the many changes in coaches over the years, it would be a struggle for the new coach to come in and change the play. The new coach had a new playing style, a new formation, and brought many new ideas into the team. That was one of the biggest struggles coming into the season.  They also had to go through strains of a young, undersized team. The team is filled with just 3 seniors, and only one is returning. The lineup consists of mostly sophomores. With this it is hard to play against teams that have larger players. Now moving into the season, the team was well prepared, but played one of the best teams in the league. It was a tough loss, being the first game, and took a tole on the team. Many games followed and the team started to play much better together, with the new coach’s ways, and the season started to turn around. In the beginning many people outside, and even players, had doubts about the season going well. With trust in the new style of play, and new faith in the skills of the team, the team and season started to get much better. In the end, the team turned out having a much better season then believed. They ended the season 7-8-2, which was just enough to send them to districts. 

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