Take Off the Mask

In IFS with Mrs. Graybill, we did a “Mask” project after reading the poem Faces of Me by Verne Becker. Each student in the class was given a dry erase board mask and they had draw on the details of the “mask” they put on every day. Some students masks were personal and had  a true story behind them while other masks were put on because of insecurity or habit. Students made masks based on how others make them feel, how they make themselves feel, but then each student had the opportunity to explain what they put on their mask and why they put it on. Students could share as much as they felt comfortable. The students reached a point of reality when they realized they really do put on a mask everyday. Each student often had to ask themself, “Why do I do this?” “Why do I wear different masks?” In the end we learned that for a relationship to be healthy, we need to be authentic and true to ourselves.

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