East Juniata Girls Soccer Senior Night Game

On Monday, October 15th, the East Juniata Girls Soccer Team competed with Southern Colombia at home. We were  training for this game all season and we were looking forward to picking up a big win. We seemed to be distracted by the sadness of senior night, since we are such a close team, so we were playing sloppy in warm ups. When the whistle blew, we were frantic with the ball for the first thirty minutes of the game. In the final minutes, we managed to pull off the first and only goal of the game. After half time, we came out a whole new team with our confidence high and ended up scoring another goal, which didn’t count due to a keeper injury. At the end of the game,  we came out on top, which was a HUGE win for us. We are so excited to be finishing our regular season with an 18-0 record. We can’t wait for post season! 

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