FFA Steers

As a senior, I decided to get involved with the FFA. I took a Ag class this year and was in perfect timing for my new steers to come into the farm. I use these steers for projects in Ag and other assignments that are needed to be done. With raising these steers not just for beef, I learned a lot about them and how I can relate them to Ag classes. Although I am not going to be showing them for FFA due to being a senior. It is a lot of fun to use my steers for school and other cool things in Ag classes.

What is also very cool is that our school can have classes that people who have a passion for farming and raising animals can take. These classes are special to our school and our Ag program is very good. We have a lot of things in our Ag program that other schools don’t. So I am glad that I chose to be involved with the FFA program as a senior.

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