Come Out From Behind The Mask

In my IND/Family Studies class we discussed a lessson about “masks.” Everyone has gone through or is going though a point in their lives where they feel the need to put on this “mask.” People put the “mask” on for a variety of reasons and the “mask” as I learned in that class can be a variety of different feelings. For example, the “mask” that I drew to represent my “mask” was the sun. Personally, I am a very happy person, however I have my own struggles and situations that aren’t the most ideal and so I put on this “fake” happiness mask. I chose the sun because it’s yellow which reminds me of happy feelings, it’s “warm,” and bright. So normally when I’m dealing with something that’s not ideal I tend to hide what I’m feeling/thinking and put on this bright, warm, happy smile. After doing this project I realized that we all go through situations and that we shouldn’t be scared to express what we are feeling. I learned that I along with anyone else who wears the “mask” would be a lot happier with life if we just came out from behind the “mask.” 

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