Film Review: Christopher Robin

The following article originally appeared in Juniata High School's newspaper The Arrowhead.  

Over this past summer, I watched many movies, but one of the movies that I enjoyed the most was Christopher Robin. Taking place in the mid to late 1900s, the movie follows Christopher Robin as he leaves for boarding school, fights in World War II, and finally gets married and has a child. During this he eventually forgets his childhood friends, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Kanga, Roo, Owl, and Rabbit. Many years after Christopher Robin last left Hundred Acre Wood, Pooh wakes up to find all of his friends gone. In a hope to locate his friends, Pooh ventures out of Hundred Acre Wood in search of Christopher Robin, seeking help in finding his missing friends. Watching Christopher Robin was like revisiting my childhood after a long time. It was not the most action-packed movie, but it was a fun-loving and heart-warming story that could be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

As you have grown older, you have most likely probably stopped finding the idea of talking animals amusing, but Christopher Robin demonstrates situations that even the most critical teenagers could find humorous. While a bear who is always craving honey, a dancing and singing tiger that jumps on his tail, and a depressed donkey-like creature may not be your cup of tea, I wholeheartedly believe anyone could enjoy Christopher Robin. Even if you never watched Winnie the Pooh as a child, you will enjoy this adorable sequel to the beloved childhood story.

By: Josie Abram 

Mr. Trotman is a Civics and Political Science Teacher at Juniata High School.

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