The Train Has Left the Station - EJGS 2018

By Kayla Forry

After the first week into their season, the train has already left the station. East Juniata Girls Soccer team's first game against Halifax was a 9-0 win, where 7 different players scored, which Coach Val Dressler is quite proud of. She says “It’s important to have different girls be able to score because it makes us harder to defend as a team. Our creativity makes us harder to track for defenders which gives more girls more chances.” On their second game against Susquenita, they persevered through the rain and storms and managed a 10-0 win after an hour of rain delay. The theme is still present that EJ girls soccer are a train that can’t be stopped, and nothing could be more true of these girls. Coach Dressler says, “The team has a potential to be great. We’re doing what we think is best to tap into that potential and utilize it.” As a team, it’s also important to have 22 girls all get along and feel comfortable with one another, Dressler says “As far as we know the girls are getting along. This will be a huge part of our success because when the dynamic is strong, everyone will work harder for each other.” We can’t wait to see what our girls do this year! GO FIGHT WIN

If you want to come see our girls play, here is the fall calendar for season!

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