Junior Year at East Juniata

Junior Year of high school is actually a very important year for students. They need to get a head start on their future, and a lot of major breaks in intellectual ability and involvement in the school seem to happen. A popular opinion of students, at least here at EJ, is that junior year tends to be more difficult than any other grade. For me personally, currently in my junior year, I agree with that. It is going to be a year full of hard work. I am going to have to balance schoolwork, club meetings and events, and a job.  I’m sure a lot of other students my age have to work through the same pressure. It’s a little overwhelming already and its only the third day of school, but I’m doing my best to get ahead of things. I’ve been working on prioritizing and organization. I know it sounds stressful, and it is, but East Juniata is a great school to be educated in. The teachers work with you as much as they can, but they still expect your best. Our clubs and organizations are so great to be involved in as well. In my first few years of high school I wasn’t involved in much, but I’m so happy to be in several extracurriculars this year. This is a year of  making plans for after high school and if someone plans on going to college like I do, it’s critical to have good grades and to be involved. It is likely this is a year colleges will notice and check into. With all of the work and memories to come this year, I hope all students here at EJ enjoy their junior year and entire high school experience!

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