Ephrata AM 5-31-18

Good Morning Ephrata, NAMES today is Thursday May 31! We've made it to the last senior day, and your final Ephrata AM with the class of 2018. Please rise for a moment of silence and the pledge to the flag.

Attention all freshman.  Today you will be voting for your class secretary.  Please take the time to vote for this officer before 2:30 today when the election closes. 

TOMORROW you will be voting for your class treasurer. Watch for that link coming through Schoology tomorrow morning!

Attention Seniors.

The end of the year is approaching fast!  Please try to deplete your lunch account TODAY.  If you are carrying a balance, as of June 7th, you may request a refund or donate it to your favorite sibling,  underclassman, or teacher, providing you meet the guidelines.
Attention AP Biology students for 2018-2019 school year.  There is a mandatory meeting for students.  You may come either Today at 245 in Room 101 or next Tuesday, 6/5 at 245 in Room 101.  It should take less than 30 minutes and will go over summer work, expectations, etc.  
Attention artist’s in Mr. Hershey’s 1st semester Drawing classes who had their 3D sculpture drawings hanging in the cafeteria.

Your works are down and can be picked up at Mr. Hershey’s room.

Great Art Installation guys!

It is with heavy hearts that we say that, today, the critically acclaimed and award winning news show Ephrata AM has been cancelled in its 46th season. Why do the good die young!? When asked what he was going to do next with his career, executive producer and director Jeremy Bischoff responded, “I don’t really know. Probably work on one of my other movie deals. I’ve been offered a lot but I’ve stuck with this show because I couldn’t find a replacement. This show makes no money. At all. Like, I’d literally rather do anything else. I could’ve worked on Infinity War. Like, the box office gross for that movie was literally two billion dollars. The box office gross for this show is like, negative thirty nine cents.” When asked where he was going to take his news writing talents, news director Edwin Crockett stated, “I don’t really know. Do they still have newspapers? Like, are those still an actual thing? I don’t really know how to read, but once I get there I might break into that business.”

For Ephrata AM’s final “this day in history”, we look at a momentous event that happened right here in our own state of Pennsylvania! In 1889, due to heavy rains and the neglected Lake Conemaugh dam, the city of Johnstown was almost entirely wiped out by a flood. The flood appeared as a 30-foot-high wall of debris, and it took 10 minutes for all the water to pass through. Despite the tragedy, the Johnstown Flood does bring about one of the first uses of Clara Barton’s new Red Cross Association. They built shelters for families whose houses were swept away.

Now over to _________ with lunch
Insert lunch here
The baseball team earned a 4-2 victory last night in the finals of the class 5a District 3 tournament. Be sure to congratulate any of the team you see today for this district championship!
Now back to the main desk

Due to the construction starting immediately after school lets out, any items on the lost and found table after June 8th 2018 will be discarded. Please check the table if you think you have been looking for something. This also pertains to all items found during custodian locker clean out. Make sure to clear your lockers before you leave for the summer.

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