You are bound by NOTHING

The truth is, we are bound by nothing. As I was listening to "Soulmate" by Mac Miller, the lyrics "you can do anything you want, you are bound by nothing," were highlighted to me as I walked through the school corridors. The emphasis of confidence and belief were embedded in those lyrics. 

If you feel like you are in a funk,  you are as low as it an get – that is wrong, if you are as low as it can get the only direction left is up. Believe in yourself, obtain confidence within yourself; this might sound difficult but it is not. Make a mental note of a few things that you are not confident about and counteract that with something positive. Such as intelligence, if you doubt your intelligence counteract that with saying "I am intelligent and I believe that." If you repeat this before you sleep or when you wake your mind will absorb this information and will soon believe it. After you begin to ingest confidence in what you used to doubt your productivity will increase. Suddenly you will observe the difference in your attitude and what was once doubted is now manifested into reality.

A few steps that will assist you to accomplish anything you want.

  1. 1. Repeat to yourself positive quotes that counteract with something you doubt
  2. 2. Say to yourself you believe this and will accomplish what you once doubted
  3. 3. Reassure yourself with words of encouragement that will motivate you to seize your doubts.

Think Positive Be Positive

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