Time to Take a Break from Social Media

There has been a lot of controversy over social media lately. With the recent news about how 50 million Facebook users private data ended up in the hands of a political firm, people are starting to reconsider whether or not to even use the platform. To anyone who is considering getting off of social media, I say, “DO IT!”

I gave up social media for more than a year and have not gone back. It has been so refreshing for me. I was never someone who used my social media much anyway, but I am still surprised by how much it has simplified my life.The biggest change is that I no longer see all of the headline news and/or dramaticized news. It takes away so much anxiety and stress from my life. News about politics and global warming is important to me, and I believe it is important to be aware and involved in what is happening in our world…but I also think that the doom- proclaiming clickbait headlines do little to improve our mental health or to inform us with helpful information. By getting away from social media I’ve stopped forming my opinions based on the pop-up articles on Instagram or Facebook and now forming my opinions based on fact-checked, reliable news sources.

There is also the benefit of an improved self-image. I feel so much more confident in myself because I’m not comparing myself to what others post on Instagram. Since I’m not seeing anything through social media that might make me think badly of a person, it is also easier for me to get along with people who I may have differing opinions or views from.

It is so crazy how easy it is to be caught up in the appeal of social media and then how fast the appeal can go away! By just stepping away from the computer or your phone for a little bit and taking a day to slow down and get away from the chaos of social media, you can really boost your mood. On weekends I try to get away from screens and stereos and get outside. I know everyone is different. My sister likes to relax and de-stress by reading or writing and listening to music. We all have our different ways to slow down, whether it is getting together with friends or being alone, but I think it is important to also get away from social media once in a while or all together.  

Especially in this fast-paced world, with cell phones and radios at every turn, it feels so good to get away from it. You don’t worry so much about where your private data is going or what the biggest political headline is or even how your life compares to your peers. My vacation from social media has become my reality, and I don’t plan on going back. My self-confidence and overall outlook on the world has been so improved by staying off social media. Whether you stay on social media or not, I hope you at least take a step back and think about what benefits or complications social media is bringing into your life.

Freshman. Field Hockey. Band. Avid Reader. Farmer. All history lessons should be taught as rap songs....**cough,cough** Hamilton**cough,cough**.

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