All in for Austin 2018 by Hayden Slingland and Beau Stuck

On April 7, 2018, the EJHS NHS sponsored an event day for Austin Parker. The events consisted of a 5k and a Springfest. Thanks to the community spreading the news, a large amount of people came in support of Austin! The Springfest was held for the kids to enjoy games for the upcoming spring season! The activities consisted of crafts, slime-making, bingo, and a bee toss! Thanks to the community for coming out and supporting Austin!

The event was a great success as we raised a lot of money and a lot of people showed up to the Springfest to let their children enjoy themselves. We had a good turnout for the 5k as well, even though it was a cold day.  The 5k route went from the high school to Whitehall Road around the hatchery and back to the school. It was a fun day for the 5k runners as well, and some people brought their children along to participate in it as well.  NHS students were placed along the route to give out drinks and make sure the runners knew where they were going. Thanks to everyone who helped and participated! We hope to have a similar event next year. We all are wishing Austin a speedy recovery. 

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