5K Run for Austin Parker

Here at East Juniata High School, National Honors Society hosted a 5K to raise money for a student that needed financial help because of being hospitalized. This is such a great way to raise money for a fellow student (Austin Parker) that had an accident earlier this year. During the 5K, there was about 40 runners that ran/walked. Also, on the same day there was a blood drive and Springfest. The bloodrive was held in the morning into the early afternoon. It is another great way to help other and a great way to show the hard work of the National Honors Society. Springfest is a great way for East Juniata High School to bring in kids and interact with them. Students in NHS set up games that kids could play for fun and win prizes like candy. Other stations were like making crafts that let the kids be creative and hands on. EJHS made a positive impact on Austin Parker and creates a great environment for everyone.

East Juniata always finds great ways to lift others up and to represent themselves the best they can. There were about 20-30 students in the National Honors Society that helped with the 5K timing the people that crossed the finish line and people at stations to make sure that everyone was still okay. What an amazing way to represent the East Juniata High School’s National Honors Society.

East Juniata High School is a great environment for all people and students. This past spring the National Honors Society hosted a 5K to raise money for Austin Parker, a student that has been hospitalized for many months after a vehicle accident. This is a great idea and gives people in the community a great way to give back to this student in need.

     The East Juniata 5K was hosted by the National Honors Society of East Juniata High School. The 5K was organized to raise money for a student named Austin Parker that has been in the hospital for months because of an accident. There were about 40 people that ran the 5K to support Austin. It is such a great way for everyone to give back to Austin to help him and his family with everything.

Mitchell Watts, Bryson Kants, Robert Ferry, Aidan Hubley

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