An Experience Teaching (with a special guest)

On Friday, April 27th, the majority of the senior class agreed unanimously to have senior skip day. Weeks prior, I had consulted with one of EJs (and my current) English teachers, Mrs. Hund, seeking advice for my plan on pursuing English as a career: particularly high school education. She offered to have me to shadow her, and with the approval of our Principal, I was allowed to. I saw this senior skip day as an opportunity to do so considering most of my classes would be nearly empty. It just so happened the day was also bring your child to work day, so I had the privlage of shadowing Mrs. Hund along with her daughter. What I can say about the experience is that it was quite educational. I observed a lot about the different classes she taught and the varying personalities of the students within them (i.e. those who enjoy the subject vs those who do not, the levels of effort, etc.). As a result, I recognized that teaching English would not be exactly similar to what it was like for me to be taught. Overall, shadowing my AP English teacher is an opportunity I am grateful to have experienced, and it was very informational for me as someone considering teaching high school English as a career. 

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