Ephrata AM 4-17-18

Good Morning Ephrata, NAMES today is Tuesday April 17! Please rise for a moment of silence and the pledge to the flag.

Hey Freshmen!!!  Don’t forget that your fundraiser, the fantastic NOSUB sale, is currently taking place.  Papers and money can be returned to Dr. Gambler in room 214 at any time.  The sale will run through the 25th, so get those donations and get your money in today.

This Wednesday (4/18), we will hold ticket sales for prom in the morning from 7:00 to 7:20 a.m.  This time is set aside to accommodate students who cannot make it after school due to commitments such as attending CTC.

Reminder:  Ticket sales will be held this week after school on Wednesday (4/18) and Thursday( 4/19) beginning at 2:45 p.m.


Donald Trump is set to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this week before a coming meeting with North Korean officials. The Japanese goals of the meeting are reportedly to guarantee continued US military presence in Eastern Asia to counteract threats from China and North Korea, as well as to attempt to gain exemption from the controversial steel and aluminum tariffs the Trump administration recently passed. It is the hope of the US that they will be able to US Japanese military commitment against North Korea in their coming meeting, and hoped to secure a renewed sense of military alliance.

On this day in history, the infamous Bay of Pigs invasion begins during the Kennedy Administration when a group of CIA-financed and -trained group of Cuban refugees were sent to overthrow the Communist government of Fidel Castro. However, most of these rebels were either killed or captured, and the invasion was a huge loss to both the Kennedy Administration and for America in the Cold War. In Latin America, Communist Castro was seen as a hero, while John F. Kennedy was seen as immature and inexperienced. 

Now over to _________ with lunch
In sports results, Baseball is away at Penn Manor, Boys Lacrosse is home vs Lancaster Catholic/Country Day, Track is away at Garden Spot, Volleyball is away at Wyomissing, Girls Lacrosse is away at Lancaster Catholic/Country Day, and Softball is home vs Penn Manor.

Today in sports,  tennis plays against Hempfield at home, volleyball is home vs lancaster mennonite, and softball is away at Garden Spot. 
Now back to the main desk

Everyday perfectly good food is being wasted in the school Cafeteria, but there is a solution. One problem, is that people don’t know about the Share Center, (you know, the fridge in the café by the food lines). But Mrs. Burkey’s Culinary classes are working hard to solve this problem. But they need your help, if you know what can be shared try to use it more often and if you not sure ask around. Or help someone who hasn’t used it. It only takes a few seconds to keep your unwanted sharable items from ending up in a landfill. Stay tuned for more updates on the Share Center and look out for items that are shareable. Give it a try.

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