Ephrata AM 4-13-18

Good Morning Ephrata, NAMES today is Friday April 13! Please rise for a moment of silence and the pledge to the flag.
Attention Seniors:   The senior class trip form and payment are due Monday, 4/16 to Mr. Geyer in Room 129 or Mrs. Lesagonicz in Room 101.

Hey Freshmen!!!  Don’t forget that your fundraiser, the fantastic NOSUB sale, is currently taking place.  Papers and money can be returned to Dr. Gambler in room 214 at any time.  The sale will run through the 25th, so get those donations and get your money in today.

Everyday perfectly good food is being wasted in the school Cafeteria, but there is a solution. One problem, is that people don’t know about the Share Center, (you know, the fridge in the café by the food lines). But Mrs. Burkey’s Culinary classes are working hard to solve this problem. But they need your help, if you know what can be shared try to use it more often and if you not sure ask around. Or help someone who hasn’t used it. It only takes a few seconds to keep your unwanted sharable items from ending up in a landfill. Stay tuned for more updates on the Share Center and look out for items that are shareable. Give it a try.
This announcement is for any student who is taking an AP exam and still owes a balance for their test fees.  Please stop by the Counseling and drop off your payment ASAP, as final payments are due by TODAY Friday April 13th.  If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Ditzler.
Reminder to Seniors who have applied for the Ephrata National Bank Hibshman Scholarship.  The sign-up is now available through the Class of 2018 Schoology page.  Deadline to sign-up and reserve your interview slot is this Friday April 13th.


Attention Seniors:   The senior class trip form and payment are due Monday, 4/16 to Mr. Geyer in Room 129 or Mrs. Lesagonicz in Room 101.


Today is the birthday of third president Thomas Jefferson! Also notable for drafting the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson was one of the most important and influential founding fathers. If you only know him from the musical Hamilton, you might see him as a villain, but in reality he was a very good president and could be seen as flexible in office and progressed our country in plenty of ways. He strengthened the navy, and of course through the Louisiana Purchase he nearly doubled the size of America. Thanks T Jeff!

Now over to _________ with lunch
In sports results, Boys Lacrosse is home vs Penn Manor, boys volleyball is away at E town, girls lacrosse is at Penn Manor, and softball is away at Exeter. 
Today in sports, Baseball is home vs Manheim Twp, tennis takes on E town at home, and softball is away at Manheim Twp. 
Now back to the main desk
There are still a few tickets available for Beauty and the Beast tonight! You can purchase tickets at the box office before the show begins! Tomorrow's show starts at 3:00 but is the last one! Be Our Guest!!
PERSON 1: Attention Students of Ephrata High School: If you are interested in running for student council, please stop down to Mr. Marzock’s room and pick up your petition. ONLY 6 members are selected to become representatives of student council per grade to represent our student body. 

PERSON 2: And since you represent our school and student body, we will need to hold elections for those positions. To qualify, you will need to stop down and pick up your petition from Mr. Marzock in room 137.

PERSON 1:  You will need to collect 25 signatures from students in your grade only or your petition will be void. Next, you will need to ask a teacher or administrator at the High School for a recommendation basically saying that you would be a great leader, a hard worker, and would represent our school well.

PERSON 2: But, you can’t ask Mr. Marzock, Mrs. Eshleman, or Senior Cerullo because they are the Student Council Advisors. Elections will be held on Friday April 20th.

PERSON 1: So stop down to see Mr. Marzock and get your petitions and teacher recommendation turned in by TODAY FRIDAY APRIL 13th. 
In case you missed it the last 2 times...Attention Seniors:   The senior class trip form and payment are due Monday, 4/16 to Mr. Geyer in Room 129 or Mrs. Lesagonicz in Room 101.


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