East Juniata Technology Club

Throughout the 2017-18 school year, technology club has been held every Thursday in Mr. Ciecierski's classroom. These meetings take place after school, usually ranging around an hour and a half. It is open to grades seven through twelve, and all are welcome. In this environment, students are encouraged to expand their technological interests and skills. Furthermore, it allows for creativity and fun to be paired with learning more about the ever evolving technology around us in today's society. One example of an activity that is performed by students is coding. Whether it be through java, processing, or many other coding languages, anything is possible, with many exciting and creative programs being built. Another example of an interesting experience in technology club was the testing of a drone. The club flew the drone outside within school grounds, and was able to test its video and flying capabilities. Overall, technology club has been an interesting experience that allows students to not only learn about technology, but do so in a fun and open minded environment, and I hope it will continue to grow and develop in the coming years.

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